25 december leo horoscope

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

Are you doing something like making a big change in your life? Before next Tuesday or Wednesday will become the day you stood up for yourself and you chose to do the right thing for yourself. Worrying too much about the future will keep you from experiencing the blessings that are being sent your way in this moment.

December 25 1950 horoscope and zodiac sign meanings.

Tip of the day : Keep a diary handy to note down the million-dollar ideas that are coming to you. Seek advice from someone from your past to suggest to you that you already know the solution. A budding romantic interest could spark, or you might be inspired to share your talents more publicly Since the fifth house rules fame, you could attract attention or gain some new fans, so don't be shy about making a bold statement.

Leo Horoscope - Leo Weekly Horoscope From 25th December 2017 In Hindi

Tip of the day : If you're thinking of getting engaged or making a relationship official, this day will be poignantly picture-perfect. It's okay to let go of the past in favor of a new, better future. To start, just eating less of what you want and more of what you need, and appreciating each moment for what it is. You are not your limitations, Virgo. You are infinite potential in human form. This is the time to push your boundaries and challenge yourself in more ways than one.

You will emerge triumphant. Remember, the gift of self-acceptance is a magical one that promises to transform your relationships for the better. If you're wondering what the point of life is, then consider taking the advice of someone who knows you, but that you're not all that close with. If there is a nagging doubt, maybe it's for good reason. This is a time of healing in your world. What you suppress could come out in ugly ways. Do away with the inauthentic.

Leo Horoscope

Self-acceptance is a beautiful gift that promises to transform you and your relationships You'll find that your Jupiter is increasing, which means that you should never give up on individuals of the sign Aquarius who may be people to avoid. Just think, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Tip of the day : busy yourself with work and practical stuff and keep a low profile on social media. Who you are versus who you are supposed to be. Authenticity is your power word.

Endings and beginnings are taking place simultaneously—such is the order of nature.

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You have just completed a significant journey. Give yourself some time off to process the learnings.

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Tip of the day : your colleagues are not necessarily your friends. Expecting them to cushion your fall could disappoint you in more ways than one. Dear Capricorn, Letting go isn't easy, especially for your tenacious sign. But are you "hanging in there" at your own expense—or doing more harm than good by refusing to bulge? Reminder, Capricorn: Suffering is optional. Release a painful situation to the universe, and it might just alchemize itself.

Tip of the day: For those trying to bridge the communication gap, remember that nobody is icing you out. Try to find time to have that important heart to heart talk.

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  • The stars say that your Saturn is enunciating, which means that you should watch out for men or women who are Pisces who may watch your back, if you've watched theirs. Enjoy life's little pleasures. Make a list of big picture goals for during the new moon in practical Capricorn on Thursday. With the moon in your zone of fame and success of New Years eve, You could catch the attention of someone important, so shine like the star you are. Major shifts are happening now so just go with it. Love is in the air Monday, so it's an ideal day for a festive party or to meet new people.

    Your ruler, verbal Mercury, is still retrograde in your zone of intimacy and money, so you may be in your own head about some serous personal issues. There is the opportunity for big breakthroughs if you are willing to be honest with yourself and let go of the past. Keep track of thoughts in a journal during the new moon Thursday. Traveling or being spontaneous on New Year's Eve will be especially fun this year. This is a time of transformation and new beginnings in your relationships. Work has been a bit stressful recently but you will get a very welcome surprise Monday that will remind you that everything is working out just as it should.

    Good news is on the way this week! But first, you may have to deal with some unresolved drama with a love interest or business partner Wednesday or Thursday. Just bite the bullet so you can move on. If an ex reaches out, it's time to bury the hatchet. Don't be swayed by the crowds on New Year's Eve and do what you love, no matter what everyone else is doing.


    Your daily horoscope: December 25

    You may have to deal with some annoying work issues this week, even if you are on holiday. But you will be thrilled with the unexpected surprise that you get Monday, so there is a silver lining! If there are changes of plan or announcements then, trust that they are for the best.

    But Wednesday and Thursday's aspects are trickier, so try to tease out the important facts from all of the nonsense and misunderstandings.

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    The moon in your zone of relationships on New Year's Eve means you should pay extra-special attention to your bae, or you might meet someone you adore at a party! Changes are in the air, in terms of your love life and work projects, but trust that these are for the best. A financial surprise you get Monday will be a very merry late holiday gift.

    Being generous now also pays huge dividends!

    Leo Horoscopes: Daily, Love & Monthly Forecast | HuffPost

    Wednesday and Thursday have confusing aspects, especially since your ruler, intelligent Mercury is still retrograde. You will be frustrated with delays and wanting to make changes. Talk things out but don't make big decisions now. Doing a little spring cleaning on New Year's Eve before you party! This is a great week to mend fences and get back in sync with friends and family.

    Monday could be an amazing day for meeting new people or you very well may get a fun surprise from your bae.

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    It's a great night to be social! Family dominates your attention for the rest of the week, so exercise patience when things get confusing or complicated. An amazing aspect Thursday will help you have a breakthrough with someone who is important to you. The moon in social Aquarius on New Year's Eve means it will be an especially fun and romantic! Be open to changes of plan this week, since it's likely things won't proceed quite the way you organized them. A happy surprise arrives Monday when lucky Jupiter opposes unpredictable Uranus. This could be work-related so keep your eyes open for opportunity.

    There will be some frustrating travel- or communications-related snafus that will test your patience in a major way. Try to stay chill and take things one at a time. The moon in Aquarius on New Year's Eve is an invitation to take it easy, and host at home or relax with family. Type keyword s to search.

    25 december leo horoscope 25 december leo horoscope
    25 december leo horoscope 25 december leo horoscope
    25 december leo horoscope 25 december leo horoscope
    25 december leo horoscope 25 december leo horoscope
    25 december leo horoscope 25 december leo horoscope
    25 december leo horoscope 25 december leo horoscope

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