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Really, they could end up making a lot of money as a team! But if they don't take on such an opportunity, they'll end up taking out all of their pent-up energy on each other. Aries brings positive energy and light into the typically straight-laced Capricorn's life. And Capricorn provides the safe environment and loyalty that Aries needs from a relationship. While these are both good things, it's unfortunately not enough to keep this volatile pair together. Neighbors of this couple beware - you'll be hearing some marathon arguments through the walls!

Capricorn is often thought of as the 'father' sign of the zodiac, while Aries is considered the 'baby'. This can result in Aries throwing tantrums from time to time when they don't get their way. This can frustrate Capricorn and drain them of energy. However, in order to keep the relationship going, Capricorn will have to stop pandering to Aries and their whims. Most of the time this effort isn't put in and the relationship dies a very fast and violent death.

Aquarius and Scorpio are an interesting combo because they're so close to being the perfect match. Yet somehow their relationship never seems to last. We're not sure exactly what goes wrong between these two, but history has shown that they just don't mesh well, even if they appear to be full of love for each other in real life. Aquarius is a thoughtful and independent soul. They're sociable and fun, but they also really appreciate their alone time. Chilling out is a favorite activity for this carefree air sign. Scorpio, on the other hand, is a homebody who loves giving themselves to their partner.

They're family oriented and can be a little guarded if they're not provided with a safe environment. We're sure you can now see all the areas where this can and does go wrong! If there's one thing Aquarians love, it's spending time with their friends. But this has the potential to make homebody Scorpios insanely jealous. They'd much rather have their lover all to themselves.

If they ever try to get between Aquarius and their buddies, the relationship will be over before they know it. Aquarius will feel trapped if they can't socialize, but at the same time, Scorpio needs someone who will pay more attention to their emotional needs. Scorpio isn't the only one getting jealous in this relationship. Aquarius can sometimes become concerned about Scorpio's flirtatious nature, even if they weren't doing anything wrong.

One thing Scorpio won't stand for is being accused of something they didn't do, so this is another potential breaking point for this troublesome pair. If Aquarius and Scorpio communicated more, they could have something special, but most of the time they just break up. Uh oh, get ready for Gemini to release the twins on an unsuspecting Pisces. This relationship is a real no-go, so evacuate now if necessary! But it's not just Gemini causing havoc - both of these signs can be extremely moody when they're together, which creates an extremely toxic environment for both parties.

It's not all bad - sometimes this duo can inspire one another. However, it ultimately fails due to their undeniable incompatibility. Geminis are characterized by their quick wit, intelligence, fast pace, and talkative nature. Pisces is known for being sensitive, emotional, creative, and philosophical. While some of these traits line up or even complement each other, it seems like it's not quite enough to make this couple work in the real world. It's a shame, really, as they can be really charming when they're together.

Fast paced Gemini is ready to move on from problems and arguments almost the moment after they've happened, while thoughtful Pisces can spend longer ruminating on the issues. This leads to frustration for Gemini, who would prefer if Pisces just moved on and lightened up as fast as they were able to. It also hurts Pisces, who feels that Gemini dismisses their feelings and doesn't take them seriously. Both of these signs find it difficult to commit to relationships, which is yet another obstacle standing in their way. Gemini is obsessed with moving onto new places, projects, and people, while sentimental Pisces can lose themselves in nostalgia.

This means the couple are rarely ever in sync with life goals and committing to something more serious is tough. We totally see where they're coming from - best not to try this one at home! This is certainly one fiery match that is not destined to last. Both passionate and opinionated about the issues they believe in; Aries and Libra can work well together if they agree on fundamental values. If they don't, they may as well throw in the towel now, because neither one will back down about the things they care about.

There is definitely a need to be 'right' that is shared between the two, which can create a lot of problems when one person has to be wrong. Though they both stand by their convictions, they definitely have different styles. Libra is charming and knows how to work a room. Aries is fast paced and doesn't really have any regard for being tactful. The famous Aries temper doesn't help them when they're trying to make their point either! One of the other core issues that makes the success of this match unrealistic is the fact that both signs have completely different goals in life.

Aries is ambitious and career focused, while Libra prefers to socialize with friends. They rarely agree on major decisions, such as whether to have children, and how to parent those hypothetical children. Just imagine it - Libra trapped at home with a baby, unable to attend all of their social engagements, while Aries tries to juggle parenting and their career.

They would not be the well-oiled machine that they'd need to be for this task. Not to throw even more problems at this couple, but the word is that they're also not very compatible in the bedroom. We're not going to be totally negative about this couple - they actually have some important things in common and they're not destined for failure if they commit to compromising in some areas. Both are extremely family oriented and a Taurus and Leo partnership often results in some pretty good parenting.

But we can't ignore all of the other red flags. This pair still has a lot to overcome before they get to the baby stage. Both of these signs love the finer things in life, which is great if they have the money and agree on how to spend it. But as with most relationships, there's a bit of a power imbalance.

Leo tends to be the breadwinner, and Taurus loves spending up big. However, it's only a matter of time until Leo begins to grow bitter over the frivolous spending. Don't even get us started on the collective stubbornness going on with this couple. Both of them, but particularly Taurus, will refuse to back down on anything, which kind of diminishes the chance of those compromises we talked about earlier ever taking place. These two can end up in some of the wildest screaming matches you've ever heard!

In addition to all of the problems we've mentioned, there tends to be a major attitude clash with Taurus and Leo. Being an earth sign, Taurus thrives within their stable routine. They love laying down roots and they can't stand change for the sake of change. However, Leo is a fire sign and loves mixing things up from time to time. They even find their Taurus's repetitive routine rather dull, which can cause anger to flare up between them. This couple can absolutely be a great match when they want to be. Unfortunately, it just doesn't seem to happen all that often. Sometimes we think it's because both are such interesting individuals that they can never become one as a couple.

Gemini and Sagittarius are the great communicators of the zodiac and they certainly have a great time talking long into the night together. Sagittarius is the philosophical one, while Gemini is practically a professional conversationalist. So, what's the problem? We hear you ask. One of the biggest obstacles for these two is actually organizing a date. Both are social and pursue a lot of hobbies and passions.

It can be really hard for their schedules to align, making it tough to get a relationship off the ground before the interest fizzles out. With two such charming and flirtatious signs coming together, there's another big problem: both tend to struggle with monogamy and being with the same person for many years. It's not uncommon for Gemini and Sagittarius to prefer having multiple lovers.

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If they have a talk and work out an arrangement, such as an open relationship, they could really be a power couple. But social norms and jealousy may stop them. Both of these exciting signs crave new adventures, the unknown, and spontaneity in their lives. This is all good and well, but it can mean that they don't commit to anything for long, including each other. With both of them excited about new projects and people!

Hey, at least it's not a messy break up, they usually both agree. At first glance, this seems like quite a peaceful union. Both Cancer and Libra are some of the most emotional, sensitive, and caring signs in the zodiac. Why wouldn't it work out? Well, as it turns out, these types of signs don't tend to communicate with each other as much as they should. With many things left unsaid, things begin to fester. You know exactly how it goes when you're mad at someone who doesn't know it - it only makes things worse. Cancer is really the most sensitive soul in the zodiac and it's quite easy to hurt their feelings, even when you feel like you handled things with care.

For this reason, the usually very communicative Libra often holds back when it comes to confrontation. They don't want to upset their partner, but ultimately, they're doing their relationship a disservice. And it's not just Libra's fault for not talking. If Cancer gets upset, they won't bring it up either, as they hate confrontation. So, there could be all manner of problems just simmering under the surface of this seemingly calm union. When silent grudges are held, all it does is break down the relationship, so it's not really a huge surprise that Cancer and Libra aren't a great match.

The good news? Not bringing up your issues means you never fight! The pair can also clash when adventurous Libra wants to try new things, but sentimental and routine-loving Pisces doesn't really feel the same way. Step back everybody, this is one emotional rollercoaster you don't want to ride. Leo and Aquarius can certainly have some good times together, but in the end, the carefree and lighthearted nature of both signs only leads to trouble at the end. At first it seems like the most natural thing in the world, but we don't need to tell you what happens when neither party wants to take things to the next level.

These two are focused on fun, and it will only result in the undoing of the relationship. We know you think we're sounding dramatic. What's the problem with two signs who just love having a good time together? We're going to get to that right now and we're sure you'll agree with us by the time we're done! Let's get started The problem with having too much fun is that one person always wants to cut the party short. In this case, it's usually Leo who decides they'd like to make a proper go of things.

Aquarians are known for being commitment-phobes, so obviously an imbalance in power occurs at this point. However, after a period of time, Aquarius usually submits, despite it not being their favorite idea. You'd think Leo would be glad to finally have their lover on board. But what typically ends up happening is that they lose interest once they've tamed their Aquarius. It's a constant back and forth between these two, and frankly, it's only going to cause a lot of pain and heartache.

Leo is a major hothead and Aquarius has a rebellious streak, so you can only imagine the types of arguments this pair get into when tensions are high. The great thing about Virgo and Pisces is that they're both known as some of the zodiac's best nurturers and caretakers. Any romantic relationship between this duo is sweet and considerate - plus, they're both interested in health and wellbeing, which gives them a common goal to work towards. When Pisces is feeling unwell, Virgo loves coming up with natural concoctions to make them feel better.

We hear you cry. Firstly, Virgo can get a little too clingy way too fast. Pisces doesn't usually like to commit to anything, let alone a relationship, so some obvious problems stem from this. Virgo is at the stage where they're already being a bit of a control freak in the situation, and we kind of get why Pisces would want to really think this through! Virgo's natural role as the control freak of the relationship definitely extends to the bedroom, too.

While casual Pisces doesn't usually mind being submissive in the sack, it's definitely a concern that Virgo has to be in charge of every single area of the relationship. Obviously, this makes Pisces feel uneasy, and things just get worse from there. As two natural caretakers, Virgo and Pisces are very willing to compromise and sacrifice what they really want for the sake of their partner. This often means that they're both living a life that is not what they really want. It can indicate mysteriously going to a secret place.

The wisdom and intelligence of Budh and his calmness are found in this rashi. The softness and lively beauty of Mrigasira Nakshatra, the wisdom of Arudra andcreative source of Punarvasu are found in abundance. This rashi represents the middle stage between happiness and misery, a peculiarfeeling which cannot be easily described. Characteristics Of The Ascendant:The natives of this Ascendant are tall and upright, having a straight body, thehands being long. Their complexion is moderate - fair or dark. The eyes look sharp and active. The nose is long. Persons with this Ascendant live mostly in their minds.

They are carefree and joyous. Their mind is positive and strong. They are versatile, restless and like change often. They are good readers and writers. They are adaptable, adapting themselves to all circumstances. They like to travel frequently. Because they consider the many aspects of a situation, they are often of twominds and vacillate in making decisions. They are able to and prefer to follow more than one occupation at a time. They possess strong intellectual inclination, although they can be fickle-mindedand indecisive at times. They are curious to know new things. They are good partners.

Ruler: Chandra Moon. Mahabhuta Element : Water. Limb of Kalapurush: Chest. This is a watery rasi, so is a reservoir of energy, both mental and emotional, andpartakes the character of sentimentalism. It is at times exuberantly effervescent or overflowing. It can flow so fiercely that it breaks through all obstacles that befall on its way,and carries away everything with it, destroying all obstructions.

Therefore, it is a manifestation of kinetic force. As it is a watery sign, when obstructed it is filled up with sentimental feelings. If it does not face any obstruction, even then it becomes full with sentimentalfeelings but is silently within it. It is then impossible to check its current. This sign is introspective. It is a good talker, has a large flabby body, is intelligent, temperate, and barren. Its Lord, Chandra, also is a sentimental planet. The sign represents idealism. It is fanciful, affectionate, sympathetic and cool in nature.

It is versatile, artistic, joyous, lively, highly intellectual, lightly influenced byideas, gives pleasure to others, joking, flowing with murmuring sound, spreading,boiling, blooming, invigorating. Like a coconut and a crab it has an exterior which is hard and strong but theinner contents are watery and fluid, sticking to things. It is very much friendly to others who are similar. It can take the shape of something else and can sacrifice for others cause. It is philosophizing, ascertaining others qualities and frailties.

It has a phlegmatic constitution and can fall ill due to slight cold. It is skeptical by habit, unworldly, always evaluating everything from an idealisticpoint of view. It seeks truthfulness, noble-mindedness, cleanliness, beauty, fame, independence,freedom and liberty, endlessness. It invigorates and fertilizes. If malefically influenced it surrounds itself in secrecy, renders to unholiness oruncleanliness, and can have a worried mind due to a cliquish temperament, andcan be poisonous. Characteristics Of The Ascendant:The natives of this Ascendant have a heavy body with slender limbs and powerfulhands.

The upper portion of their body is generally large. In later age they get a prominent abdomen. They walk with a rolling gait. Their stature is generally short. Karka natives are changeable like the Moon, its Ruler. Like the Moon their life is full of tides and ebbs ups and down. They are often emotional and over-sensitive and also sympathetic.

They can be timid at one time and courageous at other. In public life, they are generally successful and are also able to achievehonors and wealth. They are fond of home and family comforts. Themarried life of persons of this Ascendant is generally unhappy. Ruler: Surya Sun. Siddhant Principle : The Self. Limb of Kalapurush: Upper Abdomen. Attributes Of The Sign:Simha has the lions characteristics of nobility, magnanimity, generosity, bravery,regality and dignity.

It is hot, determined, diligent, greedy, angry, addicted to sensual pleasure, brave,moving, likes a few companions, high sounding, harsh but grave voice, appearsfull of gravity, tall in figure, not fertile. The sign is full of glamour and light. Its shining glamour lights up everything around it. It is a fixed sign,so it is not frivolous but full of life. It is a creative sign. This is the only sign that has the gravity of a tall banyan tree. It is a fiery sign but has no burning quality of Mesa rasi.

It has the character of a Lord, a king, and it is majestic in style and gait. Though full of ego its personality attracts others. Women of Simha Rasi if Chandra is situated in this sign is not liked byastrologers as she is full of pride and likes to rule over others. To win over everything, always strives hard to win over all kinds of obstacles, towant supremacy, patient, powerful, to show respect, dignity, bravery, kind,prosperous, it is accorded highest honors, to establish its own reputation,patronage, to give shelter to others, to protect those whom it gives shelter. They are of moderate stature, well built and muscular.

Their appearance is dignified, imposing and commanding. Persons born with this Ascendant are generally noble, large hearted,magnanimous and generous. They are philanthropic, helpful to humanity. They have great faith in friends and relatives. They become heads of organizations with which they are connected. If they are in government or commercial organization and attain high positionsthere. They do not talk much.

How The 12 Zodiac Signs Sexually Express Themselves In Bed - [Relationships, Sex, & Astrology]

They are fond of authority, are brilliant and ambitious. They are kind and loyal.

How The 12 Zodiac Signs Sexually Express Themselves In Bed

They like pomp and show. They are firm in their thinking and attitudes. When they are angry they roar like lions. They are spend-thrifts. They have capacity to face adverse circumstances.

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They want to maintain their authority in their household. Very often their married life is not happy. They enjoy sound health if there are no bad influences on the Ascendant or theSun, the ruler of this Ascendant. Siddhant Principle : Discrimination. Limb of Kalapurush: Waist. Attributes Of The Sign:The Virgin symbol of Kanya is complex and full of meaning - being at the sametime a young, innocent, chaste, virgin girl on the one hand and a blooming, fullygrown-up woman of bright complexion on the other - and,consequently, appearsparadoxical.

It is calm, a pleasant talker, a tall figure, intelligent, barren unfertile and cold. It is sometimes joyous and at other times grave. It is beauty, decent, soft, joyful and obedient growth, to be pleased, to hankerafter, to be admired by any other person, benevolence, beaming with knowledge,to give vent to ones feeling decently, to be enlivened by learning, to dispeldarkness, artistic, skilful, imagination, to accomplish any work properly, doubt,want of faith, want of deep thinking, uncertainty, to float like a floating boat, toanalyze and judge a thing accurately, advise, culture of knowledge, anypleasurable sensation, amorous.

Their eyebrows are covered with hair growth. Their voice is very often thin and sometimes even shrill. They walk quickly and they seldom have a pot belly. As they are very active they often appear younger than their actual age. The persons with this Ascendant are fond of quick changes. However, they are very capable of handling even unfavorable situations. They are thorough, and methodical, practical and discriminative but they lack willpower.

They will have desire to save money. They have sound commercial instinct and they want to grow rich as quickly aspossible. Their married life is not unhappy. Siddhant Principle : Harmony. Limb of Kalapurush: Lower Abdomen. It is warm, full of sound, an even but pleasant talker, calm, a tall figure. It has the speed of wind Vayu , is many-sided, characteristic of spreading hitherand thither. It compares, examines, scrutinizes, counter-balances and analyses things. It strives to possess things in the same degree and assortment - systematizingand changing. It can be a tribunal, assessment of real worth, business, buying and selling and astorehouse.

It is always restless, unsteady in a place, roaming, to establish a self-idealism,social, an active worker and likes to rule over others. It is tools or implements, to accomplish a task, to remain engaged in various typesof work. Characteristics Of The Ascendant:The natives of this Tula Ascendant grow tall with age and have a well-proportioned body. Their limbs are slender but strong. Their appearance is graceful and attractive.

They get bald in adult age. Their nose is like that of a parrot. The natives of this Ascendant are level headed. They weigh the merits and demerits of a subject and then express their decision. They are constructive critics. They are reasonable and just. They are also modest, refined and gentle. They love happy and harmonious life. They want peace at all costs. They seldom lose their temper. They like changes in their life and environment.

They are popular and have a spirit of sacrifice in them. They have fertile imagination, correct intuition, brilliant intellect and pleasantnature. They are fond of good things and comforts. Their domestic and married life is generally happy. They love their home, family and property. Siddhant Principle : Forcefulness. Limb of Kalapurush: Reproductive and Eliminatory Organs. Attributes Of The Sign:Like the Scorpion, it is angry, restless and violent, both defensively andoffensively. It is conservatism, inertia, phlegmatic and fertile. It speaks in a stammer or in a dumb, inaudible tongue.

A tall figure. It is a watery sign, therefore, it restless. If met with any obstruction from the outside, it reacts sharply. It is an introspective sign. It has an ugly appearance, but is not manifested if its feelings are not wounded. It is full of ego and crookedness. Under an adverse condition it becomes cruel and hurts its opponent fiercely. When it becomes enraged and annoyed with its opponent but is unable to takevengeance, then it gets agitated and the vehemence is consumed within itself andthe sentiment dies down.

It is the negative sign of Mangal, hence the malefic character of this planet isevident. The autocratic temperament, over sensitiveness and arrogance of Mangal ismanifested. To pierce, to cut into pieces, to fight, to sting, to poison, to spoil, to destroy, towipe out. To smite with bitter words, to bring disaster to somebody, loss due to someinimical work of others. The Rashi is prominently unpopular for its cruel characteristics, but it does notcare about others criticism, challenges its critics and faces everything stubbornly.

Anything that causes obstruction,. An extremist, an up setter of existing ideas and ways of living, and where it cannotdo this, is a sarcastic, cynical critic. Its beneficial characteristics are to love or be affectionate, to arrange things, toadorn, to be alert, to guard, to act as a police. Characteristics Of The Ascendant:The body of the native of Vrischika Ascendant is well-proportioned with above-average stature.

The hands are generally long. The face is broad with commanding appearance. Such natives have generally a good personality and are charismatic. The native of this Ascendant is a particularly determined individual. They will crush the obstacles before them and move forward. They have a fertile imagination and sharp intelligence. They are emotional but possesses remarkable intuitive power. They have self assertion, courage, resolution, independence and forcefulness. They have their own likes and dislikes.

They are generally self-made. They are highly sexed and have relations with many people. A good Scorpio native evinces great interest in occult sciences and spiritualexperiments. The natives of this Ascendant have a harsh tongue. They are revengeful and vindictive. They love to criticize others and establish their superiority. The domestic life of a person with the Ascendant can be happy only if everymember of the family is submissive to him.

Ruler: Guru Jupiter.

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Siddhant Principle : Crusader. Limb of Kalapurush: Thighs. Attributes Of The Sign:From the symbol the character is evident. The Centaur Archer is determined, diligent, restless, pompous, greedy, noisy, aharsh talker, calm, composed, medium height, imprudent, lacks foresight. The appearance of the sign is war-like, which it is. Persons born under its influence are fiery and war-like in nature. The negative sign of Guru. It is more materialistic than spiritualistic.

It indicates energy and represents kinetic force, universality and invincible spirit. The archer points his shaft at higher and better things. The sign of a seer and prophet, idealist, aspirant to a life of devotion. Endowed with great strength, the Sagittarius are highly intelligent and respectedfor their good qualities. It is not lover of imagination, because it has to proceed through many obstacles,mountainous regions and defeat its enemies. So it is a practical, but idealistic sign. It is a sign of an animal and a man. So, the animal is controlled by the higher knowledge and wisdom of the man.

It is a searcher of knowledge and truth. Nakshatra Moola speaks of animal power, and Purva and Uttara Shadha representenergy, calmness, perseverance and truth, speed, to proceed with highest speed,to shoot arrows, to pierce through the mark, to shatter all sorts of obstructions, tosearch for light, to be armed with weapons, endowed with merits. Encouragement, bravery that gives impetus to others, to know the source of all They are generally tall with a large forehead, high and bushy eyebrows, long nose,bright eyes, graceful look, fair complexion and handsome figure.

The natives are bold, courageous and pushyThey are ambitious and greedy, having high aspirations. They face adverse situations with fortitude. They have self-confidence. They have energy, enthusiasm, vigor and vitality. In spite of all these qualities they are unable to take quick decision. They are God-fearing and love only truth. They stick to their principles. They seek higher education and are fond of traveling.

They are intuitive and their intuition generally proves correct. Ruler: Shani Saturn. Siddhant Principle : Industrious. Limb of Kalapurush: Knees. Attributes Of The Sign:The symbol of Makara is suited to go on both land and water, but neither well orquickly. Consequently, it learns adaptability and can proceed in a variety of situations,though taking time. It is a cardinal sign, no doubt, but it is not a high-speed sign. This can be easily imagined from the appearance of its symbol. It can hardly move on a plain, but more easily in rugged terrain.

The movement is slow but sure. It is perseverant, diligent, industrious, restless, foppish, lover of few companions. It is addicted to sensual pleasures, brave, very noisy, has a harsh voice andmedium figure. It has earnestness to reach its goal in spite of obstacles that may befall on its way. It represents matter and material things, and is industrious and a sure climber.

It proceeds breaking through obstructions or moves in a zigzag way to avoidthem. The structure of the body shows that it cannot be undisciplined. Materialistic, disciplinarian, and an expert industrialist, universal, a social figure,to settle into definite form of mind, to create, letting loose, builder of a career, thesign of a businessman who is sometimes exacting to the point of dishonesty, apolitician. Their body will not be plum or muscular but slender. The native grows tall suddenly in youth and the constitution improves with age.

The nose is long and eyes deep-set. The hair is coarse. They are economical, prudent, reasonable, thoughtful and practical-minded. They are methodical, slow, steady and patient. They are calculative and business-like. A Capricorn native is capable of taking quick decisions. They have push and confidence. They have special organizing capacity and a lot of tolerance. They will be honest, sincere and reliable, unless the Ascendant has evil influenceon it. In that case they will become dishonest, selfish and even criminal.

The native has to face a lot of obstacles, difficulties and hindrances, but they arecapable of overcoming them.

Cancer Love Compatibility

They are hard workers and are able to consolidate their position sooner or later. They love exploring their senses, so their sexual appetite is closely connected to sound, sight, taste, smell, and touch. Turn on your Taurus lover with a fully immersive experience, complete with chocolate, wine, candles, and oils. Remember that Taurus is turned off by sloppiness , so bringing them to a tidy bedroom will keep them happy. In short: Nothing turns on Gemini more than lots of sexual experimentation.

They're also governed by Mercury, the planet of communication, so sexting is definitely in their wheelhouse. Intimacy is a big deal for these sweet, sensitive water signs. Symbolized by the crab, Cancers need to feel safe before emerging from their shells, and the fastest way to foster loyalty is through physical closeness. Be sure to allocate plenty of time for a mutual satisfaction. Leos are all about drama, so when it comes to sex, the bedroom can quickly transform into a stage. Performative and bombastic, t he biggest turn-on for these lions is to feel desired.

They purr at the thought of being wanted, especially when the passion leads to cinematic lovemaking. Leos love to be wined and dined through luxurious dates, tabloid-worthy expressions of adoration think John Cusack in Say Anything , and grandiose displays of affection. But make them feel even the least bit snubbed, and you can expect some angry roars from them. Traditionally, the sign of Virgo is symbolized by the virgin archetype—an outdated association that sometimes leads to the false assumption that Virgos are prudish. The truth is the contrary.

Like a horny teenager, Virgos are absolutely obsessed with sex, and really savor every moment of it. Governed by Mercury the planet of communication Virgos also love to talk about getting down. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty.

submissive horoscope signs Submissive horoscope signs
submissive horoscope signs Submissive horoscope signs
submissive horoscope signs Submissive horoscope signs
submissive horoscope signs Submissive horoscope signs
submissive horoscope signs Submissive horoscope signs

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